Best Slot Games for the Horror Movie Lover in You

Best Slot Games for the Horror Movie Lover in You

Owing to the expanding popularity of online slots, there are a wide variety of options and themes to pick from. Much to the joy of the player, there are movie slots, music slots and even sports slots. When there is a favourite theme involved, the slot game becomes further fun.

Horror movie slots are garnering attention from the players around the world. Agreed that there are various slot games with the backdrop of horror to choose from. But these games are unbeatable when it comes to spooking you. Check out these top horror slot games.

Lucky Witch

Lucky Witch is a beautiful and marvelous slot game that involves a horror movie video slot with 5 reels and 15 pay lines.  Its frightening witchcraft theme is the highlight of the whole game. The various illustrations of the pumpkins, black cats and the various other potions are creepily fantastic.

Circus of Horror

This game is spookiness on steroid. It features scary clowns and has been a hit since it has come into the market. If you like Pennywise from “It”, this game would enthrall you, while giving you goosebumps. Clowns are not the only sinisters in this game. There are devils, mummies and serial killers to straighten up the horror scenes.

Circus of Horror

The slot game does the macabre theme some justice with its grisly images. It is a high variance slot and there are free themes available for the players. If you have a weak heart, we must warn you now.

Lost Vegas

The dead souls are being resurrected, and they are the most terrifying beings you would ever come across. In this dual-mode online slot, you can choose between being a hero or a zombie. Either way, you are sure to have fun. The various thematic scenes, including the music will chilling. If you are a true blue horror movie lover, go for it with your eyes closed or one eye out for the beast.

Our Elvis Zombie here is great at terrorizing people and driving them insane. The game has plenty of exciting features that will enthral you and keep you close to the game. Do not forget to make use of the various free spins to grab as much money as you can. Activate the zombie mode to win the cash and whip the game.

Blood Suckers

Most of us find Vampire stories enticing. But if you are a true fan, you should not wait a second before you explore this game. The game is easy to play and the slots are lucrative. The fun does not end while these ghastly vampires are after your soul in the game. Get ready to be stunned.