XNA Game Studio Express

XNA Game Studio Express (and Framework) are Jolt Finalists!
It’s delightful to see that our XNA Framework and XNA Game Studio Express products have become finalists in the Jolt Awards for 2007! Traditionally, gaming-related developer products don’t get much attention from that community, since those awards tend to lean heavily on traditional IT-related products. Indeed, for 2007, the XNA products are the only game-related products in the list! So, it’s quite an honor to be nominated not once, but TWICE for a Jolt Award:

XNA Framework for the “Libraries, Frameworks and Components”
Once again, big contrats to the XNA product team for creating something so cool, and a HUGE “Thank you!” from me to the community — without your enthisiastic embrace of XNA, we’d have just been, well, another Bob Geeked (ok, that’s stretching it, but you get the idea Smile)While I’ve been busy working on our broader community plans, Mike Anderson (Manders vs. Machine) has been making some cool stuff.

First up is his quick introduction to PIX (Performance Investigator for XNA, if you will). Michael was the one who originally corrected a few errors in my PIX article (which is missing images now…I gotta investigate that Embarrassed).

Second is a pair of handy articles/samples about rounded 2D lines and stroked text rendering.

Then he tosses out a “pas de deux” for Microbes. The first is a quick sample about “emergent behavior and ‘fake’ antialiasing” using simulated Microbes, the second creates a simple “Microbe Patrol” game based on the same concept!